How do I start Learning Linux ?

Linux is not difficult, Its Just not familier to many of new comers, As I had too. There are some misconception about Linux and need basic concept understanding.

Joining Linux training is always helpful for beginers as it provides mentoring and kick starting the learning.

Lets understand from following conversation:

Vaibhav:  Hi Aditya, Whatsup?

Aditya: Nothing Bro, just learning Linux in lockdown period.

Vaibhav: I was also thinking to start learning Linux.

Aditya: Ooh, Thats good, let me know if you need any help.

Vaibhav: I dont know anything about Linux and I have many doubts in my mind.

Aditya: Thats fine Vaibhav even I had the same. Linux is free Operating System but it doesnt mean we use it at home for only fun like watching movies, Playing games or Listening songs.

Vaibhav: Oh really, I thought it is programming language. If its just Operating System then why so much of demand?

Aditya: See when I learnt it professionally then I understood that many of the companies have installed this Operating Systems on their Servers and they are running their applications on it. For example if is running there may be Linux servers at the backend.

Vaibhav: So you mean to manage those Linux servers they need Linux professionals?

Aditya: Yes exactly, now you take all other Industries they are running their applications may have huge count of Linux Servers.

Vaibhav: Oh I got that, may be its too late for me that I am still not aware? How I can learn it professionally?

Aditya: Its not too late bro but yes you can start learning quickly, just download CentOS 8 which is latest version of Linux OS and install on your Laptop or Desktop. If you are already running with Windows operating system then you can deploy using VMWare workstation software without formatting your windows.

Vaibhav: Thanks buddy, I will download it and seek your help if I stuck at any stage, At least I will see how Linux looks like.

Aditya: Always Welcome !