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      • How to Add New User & Set password

        Last updated by Chandan Singh
        We all are aware of the most popular command called ‘useradd‘ or ‘adduser‘ in Linux. There are times when a Linux System Administrator asked to create user accounts on Linux with some specific properties, limitations, or...


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          • Chandan Singh

            Installation of "Centos 8"

            By Chandan Singh
            Installation of "Centos 8"
            CentOS 8 has finally been released! The new version, which is a community version of RHEL 8, ships with new and exciting features that promise an enhanced user experience     Installing CentOS 8 is pretty much like installing the...
            • Chandan Singh

              What Happened to IPv5? Why there is IPv4, IPv6 but no IPv5?

              By Chandan Singh
              If you have spent any amount of time in the world of the internet, you should have heard about the IPv4 and IPv6 protocols that our computers use every day. One question that you might be asking is: Why there is no IPv5? Why IPv6 came after IPv4...
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